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Sore February 21, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Let’s see… the Bi Lite is in less than 2 weeks and I didn’t run or swim during the long weekend…. say it with me now… I AM SO SCREWED!
Sat’s reunion dinner was very nice especially once I tuned out the annoying chatter bout me being fussy and not eating liver, that crap is so vile. I never liked abalone but put it on a hot plate, thinly sliced….yummers!
Sunday, 1st day of CNY and I’m at church and then forced to go to Lil India, not a happy camper.
Monday, was super busy day. Visiting R’s relies and doing our first Eber Yu Sheng thingy at home! The boyfriend shocked me when he insisted I head down to Zouk, said I needed it and he’d even come with. So we meet Ames and Pris, even Dez and my bro were there. I love it when I don’t expect it to be fun and it turns out to be a total BLAST. My neck, little pockets of muscle along my spine and toes still hurt! He was so right, I desperately needed it.
Tuesday, visited my niece and got shit for being a bad bad older sister. If Christian is reading this… I’m not gonna feel bad for being a normal teenager and a …what I thought was a cool older sister, most can see the difference been real and make believe. Anyways, spent most of the day trying to recover.
Wednesday, at work, sore and SOOOO not in the mood to do anything!!
Zouk Photos Up


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