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In Need of Some Happyness March 2, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Been feeling a really blah lately. So I’ve booked a massage cos I can’t wait for OH to be done next weekend, it’s just too damn far away. Plus I haven’t had a massage in like 5 months!!  Then I’m gonna go home, shower and head to Tampines, have dinner, play table hockey and watch In The Pursuit of Happyness cos I need a feel good movie, badly and who doesn’t think that Jaden Smith is the cutest kid out there?!
Movies I Wanna Watch
Rocky Balboa
Dreamgirls (with Sye, Ann…)
Letters from Iwo Jima
Music and Lyrics (with Stef, Wen….)
Oh and I forgot to mention that I watched Little Children. I liked it a lot. Kate Winslet is such a good actress and Patrick Wilson is a total hottie. You how sometimes getting everything you think you want doesn’t always make you happy and doesn’t make things better… plus the sex scenes were kinda hot. ahaha. Watch it.


1. Desmond - March 5, 2007

Rocky Balboa ( Des, …)
300 ( Des, …)

2. Marie - March 5, 2007

hee hee… ok, I\’ll remember to call ya, usually watch at Tampines anyways cos I\’m lazy.

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