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Chilled March 5, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.

Didn’t do the BiLite, they refused to allow me to collect the race kit on Sunday and I’m all bruised up after the massage. It was one crazy ass massage, I was in pain till Sunday! Even my bra straps hurt! Anyways, I’m really looking forward to re-joining the gym; body pump to make me ache (in a good way), yoga to add some zen, watching Sye do her sit-ups makes me laugh and feeling my heart race on the epi machine. Can’t wait… one more week!


Massage then Happyness. Good show. Makes me wanna re-learn how to save money cos thoughts of being so poor that putting a roof over ones’ head is near impossible, makes me shudder.


Lunch with Sye and Ann. Watching Ann eat Japanese while starving was fascinating. ahaha. Went to view a place at Mandarin Gardens, I love that area but ohmigawd the apt was gross! I mean seriously, if you want to rent it out at least update the furniture… it’s like 20 years old! Poor Sye. Then R, Wen and I went to have a look at the flats at Bedok… so disappointing. How does HDB think they get away with building flats like that! So cramped and all you see when you look outta your window are your neighbours neighbours neighbours!! Re-sale seems the only way to go. Sigh.


Made our way to Marmalade Pantry for brunch, the eggs were sooo yummy and then we ordered the Sticky Date Pudding (cos ann talks about it… a lot) and OHMYGAWD… it was divine. R was about to cry, that’s how good it was! Watched Letters from Iwo Jima, rather draggy but it had it’s good moments. Went to Bark Cafe at Changi for dinner and made friends with the Belgium Shepherd and Presa Canario across the road.


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