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Wedding with a Diff March 6, 2007

Posted by Marie in Wedding Wax.
All my life I’ve been different, didn’t matter how much I wanted to blend in, it never happens. Being slightly off-centre at the end of the day keeps me sane and makes me happy. Planning the wedding, I know everyone is expecting something…well… different. It’s my wedding and I wanna keep it simple. I would like to actually enjoy the process. I can’t imagine having to make like…5 dresses, or more! I shudder at the cost and induced stress. I want my perfect wedding dress, an enchanted evening dress/gown and an off-the-rack short dress I can dance the night away in, cos I have no idea how to grind to Smack That in a gown. ahahaha.
I’d like for everyone to say the mass was short and sweet (and the choir didn’t suck plus NO POWERPOINT!!), lunch was scrumptious, the bride and groom were so mushy they were a lil nauseating, dinner was divine, everyone was slightly tipsy and they partied like they were 26 again. Oh and I turned everyone there into total camera whores. I’m serious people start practicing…tongue out, winks, pouts, cross-eyed, Elvis mouth…. gotta gimme your best twisted face.


1. Mei Hui - March 6, 2007

Aww… that sounds so nice. *Heh* I will be invited, right? *Heavy hint*

2. Marie - March 6, 2007


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