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Could It Get Any Worse? March 13, 2007

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I slept at 6.30pm on Monday and only woke up at 5am to pee and feel my back hurt before I drifted off again till 6.30am. Now before you go "wow, how nice etc…" it fucking sucks! I hate sleeping that long. I wanted to wake up at 9pm, get some stuff done and watch TV. Instead, I have a bloated tummy, my neck and small of my back hurt, I have a headache and I’m in a foul mood…oh and yeah, I can’t run so I missed the bus. Took the MRT and then 95…. missed my stop cos I was so outta it (meaning, blur). 
Get to the office and I’m assigned some weird-ass visits…fine, no worries, I’ll figure them out. Then the bfren gets on my nerves and I end up being a super bitch (I tried to stop myself, I swear but…) after which my brother says I deleted his project photos and the mother calls and starts yelling and making me feel shitty about something I don’t think I did!! So he might not get to graduate this year and it just might be my fault or it’s what the story is going to be … cos hey, it’s okay that you don’t bother to download important photos from MY camera and months after… I get blamed. I’m not sure how to feel… basically, I feel pissed, bad, sad, upset, annoyed…. AKA all around SHITTY!
It’s only 1ish and I’m just waiting for this absolutely shitty day to END!!
I’ve typed SHITTY…. 3… now 4 times…. that’s how SHITTY I feel! Oops 5!


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