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Gimme Music March 16, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
You know you’re fucking sleepy when you fall asleep at your desk for 20 mins, wake up and feel pissed cos you’re not at home in bed &*%#*!! I now know why weekends are soooo important.
Anyways, I got my lover boy (yup, my mom calls him that! snigger) a CD yesterday Arcarde Fire ‘Neon Bible’ so far I’ve listened to 4 tracks in the car and I liked 2. I also got myself El Pres!dente, loving it and I’m annoyed that media hasn’t picked up on the fact that the drummer is a singaporean chick. I can’t wait for when we’ll (we meaning R & I) have to live in a confined space together and he’ll be forced to listen to my horrid mtv music and I’ll be more than pleased to listen to the ‘hardcore’ shit he loves. See win-win, I get to annoy him. I know that it’s about time I stop being lazy and actually start looking for music I really like/ liked.
Now I have 90 mins to go till my weekend offically starts. Sleep, wake for Deep Dish, sleep, grown up stuff, present buying, sleep, movies, ghost chasing, sleep, watch Liam get christened, eat, watch TV, sleep. Back to the grind.


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