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Lang Tengah March 30, 2007

Posted by Marie in Travel.
I have no idea why I put myself through the long ass ride, at night it’s fine but coming home…haiz.
Anyways, D’coconut is in smallish resort with 2 pools, you really should try to stay at the West Wing cos the cheaper East Wing is unfortunately occupied by spitting, beng-ish and noisy locals. The staff were super nice, the room and pool clean enough, food was alright, cocktails were yummy every night and Sonny was super sweet but it’s not a 4 star resort but it’s the nicest I’ve been to in the area.
The beaches at the resort were mighty sad and we had to get through rocks, dead coral, plants and a 10 min walk to find our lil piece of heaven. I’m telling you, that bit of the island made everything worth it. We saw a 1.5m black tip shark, large-ish turtle and clown fish. The sand was soft and white, the water clear and azreal blue and there was no one else but us, it really was heavenly.
Was sad to learn that Blue Coral Resort is now closed, the reefs are dying and it’s seriously freaking me out cos I know how beautiful it was when I visited 3 years back.
Oh and my (ok, my dad’s) Canon G7 Powershot RAWKS. I love it!!!!!


1. Noo - April 2, 2007

Hi !  M , I just say Hi.

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