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Another Year Gone By April 3, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.

The birthday was bittersweet. I’ve realised how much my darling bfren truly worships me…okay, fine, just adores me cos he had to put up with my scary control freak, nasty chef persona.  My friends put up with my crazy ideas and most came dress up (in this case, dress down), Sye with her kick ass t-shirt, Ann with her trailer trash nails, MH with her …erm assets!!  Loved it!!  Even when they’re away in Dubai and NZ, I got phone calls and texts from Ames & Marianne, hugs!  R’s family are seriously sweet and my parents kinda rock.

However, I also noticed how some people just forget or just don’t care… unfortunately I actually cared about these people so it kinda hurts, oh well, live and leave, turn the other cheek and all that bullshit.

Oh and how could I forget… I got a shitload of pressies!! I LOVE IT LOVE IT! **GRIN**

Photos up



1. Mei Hui - April 3, 2007

Assets? See, that\’s why I don\’t wear that singlet anymore cos I might cause traffic accidents. *hahahahah*

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