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Quiz April 4, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.

Bored and uninspired so… I do quizzes till I feel the need to work again…blah blah blah…excuses. I wanna go home!


You’re Cameron Diaz!
Whether your wilder party days are behind you or you’re just more partial to being in the “party girl lite” category, your happy-go-lucky and mildly mellow party ways echo the A-list antics of Cameron Diaz. All girl, but also easily one of the guys, you are playful, casual, and fun while getting your groove on, hanging with your crew, or kicking it at home.
Are you A Babe in the Bedroom?
You’re a Breezy Babe
Those permitted to check out your resting nest quickly discover that you’re as stylish, carefree, and relaxed in your sleep and sexual antics as you are in life in general. No doubt this makes late-night guests feel comfortable enough to want to kick up their heels—and perhaps other things—and stay awhile. The fact that you probably didn’t intend to create such an alluring vibe makes it (and you) that much sexier.



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