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Too Much ZZZZ April 9, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I didn’t do very much this weekend, I promised R a relaxed, chill, un-busy weekend the funny thing is I feel really tired.
Thursday night was great at Phuture but the main hall… I dunno, the trance was a bit much for me or something cos I just could not get into it. Left early and had carrot cake, sent Angie home and zzzz.
Friday, woke up at 10! Too early…. Decided to get mass over and done with, it was hot hot hot in the afternoon and kneeling makes you sweat. Wanted to spend some of my vouchers but the cap I wanted was sold out %*#@*!! Friday was good in general, I like feeling a lil worn out, for dinner, we baked store bought pizza, add extra mushrooms and drank white wine, yummers.
Sat, cos the sun was a bit frightening, we decided to stay home nearly ALL DAY… finally manage to drag our lethargic asses outta bed at 4ish so I could see the seamstress bout my dress…. yes, I know FINALLY. Had dinner at Foo House and watched Happy Feet. I liked it lots!
Sunday, woke up super late, rushed to attend mass at …groan… Holy Trin… it’s bad to make fun of priest ain’t it? Even if he sings like a bull frog and speaks like an ah beng? Yeah, I’ve checked, I do have a valid one way ticket to hell. It’s the oddest thing, when they were sprinkling holy water on everyone and I got huge splashes of it, I actually expected to start screaming "IT BURNS IT BURNS. Anyways, slept too much (again) and getting up for R’s Dad’s B’day dinner was hard but worth it, who knew I could enjoy duck that much. It’s hard to get hugs or a kiss from Ian, so he pretty much made my day with a big hug he actually asked for. Heh.
Point? I slept too much and did too little… this week is going to be a bad ass week for sure.


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