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The Dress April 10, 2007

Posted by Marie in Wedding Wax.
I saw the perfect wedding dress just before my first date with R. I was looking at a bridal magazines with Wen by the pool and then…. I saw…. THE DRESS, I was like "Wen, it’s beautiful, you have to get it!!" But it wasn’t princess enough for her so …. YAY!! I looked around a bit and nothing else compares.
I’m not going for the bridal studio route cos I’m an idiot and everything has to be done the hard way. Also cos I’m a total control freak and if I knew how to sew I’d sew the dress myself, but since it takes me an hour to sew a button… So anyways, I’m off to Arab St on Sat to get lace and if they don’t have the lace I like I’d have to wait so I’m a lil freaked out. Oh and bloody hell, lace is expensive!!
I’ve also confirmed my choir, EE Weekend is coming soon, R should start making his suits next month or I’d freak out and I really need to settle on an evening gown cos I can’t seem to find a design that ‘bowls me over’.
Taken off MH’s Wedding Blog… A Wedding Meme? heh.
Church: OLPS
Priest: Fr Arro
Choir: Christus Dominus
Programme: still early
Florist: R’s Godma & the church florist
Post-Ceremony Lunch
Venue: Church Foyer
Caterer: Have a caterer in mind, parents will be paying for it. Whew
Music: we need music?

Venue: Booked, duh
Menu: Western Dinner

MC: Ames and Tito
Wedding Slideshow: Erm… Ann, Cheryl, Sye and Shing
Wedding songs: In progress
March in song: Got it and I’m not telling
Bridal Entourage
Bridesmaid: Cassie (cousin)
Groomsman: Shing
Pageboy: Ian
Flowergirl: TBC

Bride: (For ceremony) Vera Wang copy, hopefully green heels and no veil (I hope, argh….)

(For banquet): No bloody idea
Groom: 2 Suits
Bridesmaid: Still lookin for her dress in Perth
Groomsman: TBC
Flowergirl and Pageboy: TBC

Other important stuff
Rings: still debating
Photographer: not yet confirmed
Printer: Erm…
Bridal car: Tito’s car
Bridal hair & make-up: Bobbie from Make-up Room (hopefully, cos I’m just not up to standard to do my own makeup)
Pre Wedding Pix: Noel
DJ for after dinner: NO FREAKING IDEA!! Help!


1. Mei Hui - April 10, 2007

Hey, looks good. It looks way more complete than mine was 6 months to the wedding. 🙂

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