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Run April 24, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.

I ran!  Yes, I got home relatively early, quickly washed the gunk off my face, put on my Nike shorts, adidas running top and Asics running shoes… look at myself and though…oh dear what a mess, tied my hair up and rushed out the door. Stretched, walked towards the park…oh crap it’s getting dark fast… started running, reached the park and it was dark, misty, with halos circling every lamppost. I was a lil apprehensive at first and kinda wished I had R with me, pondered if I should turn back, be safe and run along the road. Decided against it, this is what I needed, solitude, time to think about my breathing, how good it feels when your heart aches and you know at least your pumping, random thoughts on why it’s called a ponytail; it swishes and it make me think of secondary school for some reason. No ipod, no music just the sound of my deep breaths, gasp, ouch, gotta walk a bit, songs I make up in my head to make me run that much further, faster to the next traffic light, next tree, next puddle before I walk a bit and give my asthmatic lungs a rest.



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