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Xcise May 7, 2007

Posted by Marie in Uncategorized.
I have to say I’m proud of myself. I’m useless in the "control the diet’ department but I’ve stepped up on the "get your ass moving’ bit.
Tues:: Swam 12 x 25m (lame I know but I was on meds)
Wed:: Ran/Walk 2.4km (on meds, felt like crap)
Sat:: Ran/ Walk with R… felt like dying @ East Coast. Distance unknown
Sat and Sunday were great, I like it when I’m busy. After the run at ECP, we went over to R’s godparents place for some home-cooked goodness. Yummers. Walked around his old hood a bit and it’s weird that I stayed an estate away, like a 10 minute walk. Snitched some old photos of R growing up, he looked like a girl, so preeeettty. ahahaha.
Sunday, church, lunch with his family and then SHOPPING!! LOVE IT. I got loads of stuff at Lancôme and freebies too! Went to Taka got some mags. Oh and the most important thing, that left me beaming … we FINALLY picked our wedding bands. Yes yes yes! No more huff and puff conversations about brands, price and the look.


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