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Gotta Love Weekends May 21, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
It started of as a chilly Friday night cos R wasn’t happy with me, we still went for our ‘run’ and it wasn’t great cos I was starving and he still has the flu but we pushed ourselves and were totally soaked in sweat. Had dinner in silence till he was ready to talk things out. See….he’s the talker in this relationship… it’s funny really and we realised why… Aries are ruled by Mars and Libra’s by Venus. It totally makes sense now. Anyways, all is well.
Sat, we went to JB to get the suits done. Only time will tell if it is worth the trip but I reckon we still have cash to make another suit in Singapore if he doesn’t like the suits from JB. I’m not a huge fan of JB, I like KL but JB is in a word… icky. SO when the carpark FLOODED and we had to wade in near ankle deep water, I was none too pleased. I start thinking bout spit, pee…general gunk that’s mixed into that water and it has NO salt to disinfect it (unlike the sea). *gag* but I know…get over it and get into the car before it gets worse. Went to a nicer mall, got a pair of heels, watched a movie (10 ringgit only!!). Drove over to get the BEST Nasi Lemak EVER…seriously, it was worth the drive. Drove back to L’s house, changed cars, met the Devil’s Spawn (a maltese, shih tzu cross) and then home sweet home!!

Sunday… laze laze laze then disaster disaster disaster.
Disaster 1 – Got to Wheelock Place and realised I misplaced my Snails voucher!! Pedicure set me back 47 bucks! *Wail*
Disaster 2 – My zip from my favourite bag just broke! Shitttteeee…..
Disaster 3 – Realised that my straps on my heels were gonna tear apart! Crapppppp
So I still have my $50 Snails voucher and I’m trying to fix my bag. The good bit, I have a swanky pair of green heels. Isn’t it pretty?

Then we went over to Wild Rocket at the Hangout and according to R it smelt like Melbourne :). We order the Soft Shell Black Pepper Crab. R ordered Lamb and I ordered the Beef Tenderloin (it was worth the 32 bucks!). Shared the Strawberry Cheese Cake (soooo goood). I really liked Wild Rocket and will be back, the staff were very ‘on’, the food was delicious. A short walk away is Wild Oats, we had drinks there after dinner and saw May Lee (you know the asian woman’s talk show thingy on Starworld). Stuffed, a nice glow thanks to the drinks, pretty feet and feeling very loved…. It was hard to get up to work this morning. 
Hate Mondays. 



1. Mei Hui - May 21, 2007

OooOoooOooo… your shoes are so lovely. I hate you.

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