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Tagged by Gerry May 24, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
6 Weird Things about Marie
1. I go through colour fazes. I was nuts about blue, then purple, then pink and now it’s green. It shows in my room.
2. I like to talk to animals. Especially dogs, I can have long conversations with them.
3. I have more than 10 pairs of slippers. I love heels but slippers/ flip flops rock my world.
4. I have a soft spot for Britney
5. I hate when people sit on my bed, you must have a shower and clean clothes on before you take a seat/nap etc. This even applies to hotel beds.
6. I’m total nazi about toe nails. I cannot stand unkept toe nails…. on anyone.
6 People I’d like to tag: R, Mei Hui, Ann, Stef, Wen, Dez


1. Sharkbait - May 25, 2007

Hee hee…whatever you do, when we eventually do meet, do not, I repeat, DO NOT look down!

2. Mei Hui - May 25, 2007

No 5: I have said this many times but I think it\’s worth repeating. You are a freak.

3. Marie - May 25, 2007

MH – I like my sheets clean, for as long as possible and I hate thinking bout all the germs and dirt ppl carry on their clothes
G – Pedicure. It feels good and it last 3 – 4 weeks ;).

4. Steph - June 3, 2007

no thanks for the tag but I\’ll try lah…soon. Still no access in office and there\’s too many distractions at home.

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