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Karma Kicked My Ass May 28, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I’m not sure what I did or when but karma decide to be extra mean to me on Sat. I mean, seriously, if you’ve had a day worse than this, I’ll buy you an ice cream!!
1. Woke up way too early. Got up to pee at 7.30am after 5 hours of sleep and that was it.
2. Was busy on Friday so I kinda forgot I had to see about my wedding stuff with my seamstress. Bugger. Had to go without the pictures.
3. Late, hot and sweaty.
4. Finally got a taxi and realised 2 mins before I got to Kim’s place that I forgot my wallet. Got a mouthful from the cabbie. Bloody hell it’s just 5 bucks and I did offer to a. send him back his money b. go back home to get my wallet … but no, he was rude so I told him "I’m taking down your number and I’m gonna send you your money and write a complain about you cos I never wanted a free ride and you’re so darn rude!"
5. Broke down cos I’m pmsing and took it out on R.
6. Phone dies, my face is red, R is annoyed and I’m an hour late for my appointment. All this and it’s only noon!!!
7. R comes to pick me up and wants to talk…groan.
8. Fell into a drain and cried like a baby cos it’s just one kinda f*ed up day. Have scratches and a bruised shin.
9. Went to ECP, with a drippy nose and super sleepy but I did try to have fun with Ian.
10. Dinner with the parents which was nice but dessert sucked.
Thank god, Sat’s OVER!!
Sunday was a pretty good chilled out day.
I’m just happy Thursday’s a holiday!!


1. Sharkbait - May 28, 2007

Aww you poor poor thing. 

2. Vendy - May 28, 2007

That\’s some baaaaaaad shit. I\’m extra touched you still came by on Sunday…  you luffly girl you.

3. Marie - May 28, 2007

Wen: for you, of course!
G: We should go get ice cream one day soon 😉

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