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Nu Gym Nazi June 6, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Went to the very crowded gym yesterday. The Boyfriend aka the Nu Gym Nazi was actually pretty lax. We focused more on breathing while lifting rather than killing me, however, I’ll only know the true damage tonight. We spent 2 hours working out so I deem it a very worthy gym session, one even my old Gym Nazi would be proud of. The only downer is that his ex seems to be working at the same gym…. it’s awkward more than anything, it’s hard to pretend someone doesn’t exist. More on LJ.
Warm up/ Cycle :: 15 mins /90 RPM/60cals
Staight Bar Curl:: 12reps x 3sets/ 10 kg
Crooked bar pullup thingy (ahaha) :: 15reps x 3 sets/ 5kg
Half ass kickbacks :: 10reps x 2sets/ 6kg
Tricep Pulldown with Rope :: 10reps x 3sets/ 5kg
Crunches :: 100
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins + 2 mins cool down/ 275cals


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