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Feeling It June 8, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
For the record I hate going to Changi General Hospital. The only time I appreciated it was when I had to go for physio therapy. Yes, I like to push my body to the limit; I like to eat and drink till I’m happy, I love to run, cycle, feel like I’m flying, jumping real high, crash into the waves, jump out of planes, stretch, feel the burn… and the body pays the price. Physio rocked, all stretched out and put back together and for a fraction of the price cos it’s subsidised. Now I have to visit CGH for totally different reasons and having radioactive fluids injected into the arm just doesn’t seem like much fun, I’m not looking forward to next Wednesday .
Anyways, I’m so tired now, the body craves rest and it aint gonna be getting much this weekend. Dinner and drinks to celebrate birthdays today. Hopefully the beach early on Sat morning, bridesmaid duties, cooking, buying the wedding ring (I can’t wait), surprise feasting and a movie. Sunday… food for the body and soul aka church and gym. I need to fit in a two hour nap somewhere!!
Crosstrainer:: 20 mins (180cals) L5
Back and a bit of legs :: too tired to remember
Cycling :: 10 mins (then I got a headache due to lack of food!!


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