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Wants Cider Again!! June 11, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Weekends always end with a blink of an eye. No naps, too much to do. The body screams in pain everytime I get off my chair, between my shoulders, my sides, my thighs. Watching the Boyfriend attempt Body Balance was comical and agonizing at the same time, everytime I looked his way, I’d start giggling and a part of me wanted him to just stop, put himself out of his misery but I know he was trying for me and will never attend that class again, ever. ahaha.
I hoped to lose a kg this week but with the feast on Friday @ Hogs Breath, Hokkien Mee on Sat for lunch and Pete’s Place with the family for dinner to celebrate John’s graduation… I doubt it. Then, there was the quest for a burger and cider on Sunday after gym cos we worked so damn hard… but the quest failed and I landed up with not-so-great pasta and crayfish. Oh well. Lotsa time spent with R, quality time with friends and family. Nice, busy ass weekend but sadly with no suntanning. *Pout*
Oh and the exercise and the breathing right… my nail beds are pink, not purple, lovely!
Squats with weights :: 10reps x 3sets
Seated Leg Press :: 20 x 3, 35kg
Abs :: 100
Leg Curl :: 20 x 3 x 17.5kg
Body Balance :: 1hr
Abs :: 100
Twisty Ab machine :: 15x 2 x 2sets, 25kg
No cardio, too damn tired.


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