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Just take me away…. June 22, 2007

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
I hate the people I work for…if I were a major bad ass, dying of whatever self inflicted disease, I’d stab someone right now… well, actually I’d just scream at him and hope it induces a heart attack…. cos he really deserves it!! But, else…. I’m a weak corporate ass wiper and all I can do is shut it, fix it and look for better.
Body Pump :: 1hr
Walk/Run :: 2km, 17mins, 111 cals burnt
It was a hard core workout…woot! Now everything aches.


1. Mei Hui - June 22, 2007

Oh puhleeez! If we\’re corporate ass wipers, what\’s the layer above us who agreed/approved of whatever and then doesn\’t defend it against the big guns? We\’re just handing out the toilet paper. They\’re wiping ass. *Heh*

2. Sharkbait - June 22, 2007

Hey hey, if i haven\’t mentioned it before…love your blog. 🙂 
If you need help thinking of diabolical ways of murdering your colleagues, we can brainstorm!  🙂

3. Marie - June 25, 2007


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