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Pranks July 2, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
To brain dead to work I was surfing blogs… Ann had this on her site Pink Prank Project. It cracked me up and it’s cool that 1. they worked so well as a group 2. I like pink 3. They left a pink paperback unwrapped .
I sent the link to Angie ….

Angeline says (4:51 PM):

wah lau!!!!!

these ppl damm free

all that in 6 hrs? sure or not?

M says (4:52 PM):

5 ppl mah

i like the way they leave a pink paperback unwrapped

Angeline says (4:53 PM):

i wonder what happened when the fren came back

M says (4:54 PM):

i guess… it’s how i felt when I went to school on my bday and my whole desk was wrapped in layers and layers of newspaper

and even after 15 minutes i still didnt have my desk back….

I’m thinking kinda amused but annoyed but has to laugh cos it’s funny if you were in on it too?

Angeline says (5:02 PM):

oh ya….i forgot all abt that!!!!!

M says (5:03 PM):




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