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Where did the weekend go? July 9, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Working like a nutter on Friday then having to stand around like dumbass till 10.45pm, reaching home at nearly midnight and then waking up at 6.45am to stand around like a retard again till 1pm on a Sat… seriously screws up your weekend. Made the grub for the boat, some other random stuff, felt so drained, passed on Stef’s ‘meeting’, watched the It’s All Gone Pete Tong movie and crashed.
Woke up to a lovely sunny morning and a semi grumpy bfren, packed and headed to Sentosa, One Degree 15, boarded Tiger Scot! Swam to an island, got a lil burnt which means that we did have fun, gave Stef nipples (the photos might explain it, up soon), ate n ate n ate. You know you’re getting old when you’re on board a lovely yacht and from 3 to 5pm nearly everyone is napping. It was a nice chilled out ride which I’m sure Stef enjoyed. Oh goodness her wedding is in less than a MONTH!!!! So exciting!
This week promises to be total shit. I need a holiday darn it!


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