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Say again… July 17, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Events are over.
There was a bomb hoax at work on Friday…it truly was a Friday the 13th. Saturday was event day and I was just begging for it to be OVER. The dinner was alright I guess, getting seriously mundane. Went home and crashed.
On Sunday, we had plans to go to the gym but I fell asleep waiting for R to get out of the shower, again during CSI so I gave up and just took a looooong (4 hr) nap. Woke up, watched Gilmore Girls, the show still makes me laugh and get all fuzzy inside. Went over to BLooiE’s @ Siglap for dinner and had the oddest conversation will R…
R: yeah, I’m glad you’ll be one of my wives soon
M: *raises an eyebrow*
R: I mean my first wife
M: dude, what the …
R: I mean… crap, my only wife
M: grrrr
Walked around EC…. the only form of exercise I had last week.  It’s so bloody hot in Singapore, I don’t even use make up anymore, it just melts right off!!


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