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Chunky Monkey July 23, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Friday evening was positively delightful, we had wine and pizza at Wine Company. Walked over to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream and apple pie. Roamed around Dempsey for a bit and looked in awe at the changes, so many new restaurants and so little parking, I wonder how that’s gonna work out.
On Sat, R went to play footie with some of his students, I think he keeps forgetting that I’m the one who’s 26 (heh) and he’s 32, he played hard and now hurts all over. Myself, I had a soft tire, which caused me to head down & up 4 storeys carrying my bike, changed to R’s heavier bike, battled the rain and barely made it to East Coast. I just kept hearing the ad… The Rain Can’t Stop Me blah blah blah…it’s cheesy I know but it works. I wanted to keep swimming maybe try to do as many laps between the breakwater(s) as Ames, the sea was nice and ‘clean’ BUT… the lightning freaked me out. Wet, salty and cold, cycled back, had a warm shower & hot Milo and crashed.
I don’t think I’m as prepared this year but there’s a certain "Fuck this shit I’m strong than this" that keeps me going. I really need to do the Sprint next year cos I don’t think my knees are going put up with me for much longer.
Dinner was a very heartlanders evening, walked to E.Point, had sushi, got some milk and Sara Lee chocolate cake and just chilled.
Sunday, was supposed to go to the gym but I had better things to do . Headed to town, got my bridesmaid dress for Wen’s wedding!!! Yay!! But I really need to get serious about my diet and abs (or lack of). Gag!! Met Angie and the rest of ma bitches for high tea. I’m not really into high teas anymore, I feel awful eating so much and the fried stuff always taste better. We all did a little more shopping and all went home.
I usually suffer from 15/10, meaning that you only have time/ energy to do 10 things but you want to get 15 things done. I’m slowly learning to slow down a bit …. it was a splendid weekend.
Cycling :: 20 mins, 13 km, 130 cals
Crosstrainer :: 30 mins, L5, 310 cals
Cycle :: 23km total
Swim :: 300m 


1. Sharkbait - July 24, 2007

Reading your work outs make me tired already…sigh I wish I could bring myself to excercise….how in the "heaven" do you do 300 crunches?????? 

2. Marie - July 25, 2007

 see… that\’s the aim but I did 150 only. blah.

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