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TLC August 1, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Last evening, I didn’t want to to go to the gym. Why? Cos I was dreading the thought of waiting for the Crosstrainer, waiting for the Weights, looking at fugs in the loo, bright lights and loud music *shudder*. I just wanted to run, spend some alone time with the bfren cos we haven’t, in what seems like ages. So I got mushrooms, a salad, frozen pizza and some ginger ale from the store, rushed home, chopped the mushrooms, put the pizza in the oven and we went for a run. Well… he was running at a steady pace, I wanted to sprint, then walk and catch my breath. It was dark, quiet, cool and sooooo lovely. Got home, shoved our faces quickly cos I was starving.
Basically, it was one of the best evenings ever. It warms me inside cos I know there’ll be more nights like it to come.
Today, I’m dying for a yoga session and tmr Body Pump! Friday some TLC; getting my nails done at OPI and then Sat is….STEF’s WEDDING!!!!!


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