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I’d love cider at a wedding…. August 6, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
Stef’s Wedding came and went, I dunno, it was like…. it’s over really?  
Funny Bit
I was in the the really large "cool ass" bathroom in Stef’s Suite. I was washing my hands and I heard the door open, I turn around and…
Mervyn: sscccccccccccrreeeeeeeaaaaammmmmm
M: dude! It’s okay, it’s okay, I didn’t see anything, only your hairy chest
Mervyn: oh my gawd oh my gawd
M: Snigger
Stef: ahahaha… I forgot she was in the loo. Oops.
Mervyn: oh my gawd oh my gawd
M: Chill lah, I’ve seen you chest so many times
Hur hur hur
On Sunday, we actually made it to the gym!! Wanted to get the honeymoon tickets settled but Chan Brothers Travel Fair was crazy crowded. Roamed around Suntec aimlessly. Decided to head for East Coast and watched people play with their dogs…yeah, we really are desperate for our own puppy. Had Cider and a burger at Scruffy’s and the Bread & Butter Pudding…it was soooo good!! The Pudding not the burger and of course you can never go wrong with Cider!!
Cross Trainer :: 35 mins, L5, 300 cals
Leg Work :: inner and outer thighs, back of thighs and calves
Abs :: 120 situps, 25 per side of obliques and 20 x 2 x 2 of the side twisty things


1. Vendy - August 6, 2007

**snigger, snigger**
modesty is over- rated 

2. Josh - August 7, 2007

Well as long as it was the chest and nothing else…  😐 

3. Marie - August 7, 2007

Yes it is isn\’t it. I\’m not sure what\’s up with dudes these days… all turning into women. ahaha 

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