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Happy B’day John! August 13, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Week was great and as usual flew by, way, too, fast!
I’m proud of Ann & myself, we dragged our lazy asses to the gym for an hour of Body Pump and she even helped me setup (she was rewarded with an ice tea for that). . Good thing about going to the gym with a girl is that you get to slack a bit in the washroom, you know, gossip in the steam-room about the tranny looking gym instructor, nuddies, etc. No rushing for lunch/dinner.
Then off to Sye’s wedding. She look soooo pretty in her wedding gown, I’ll have pictures soon, left my camera at home. The dancing bit … kinda failed cos no booze was allowed and you know how soooo many people need to booze up first. Sigh. But I must add, the bread and butter pudding ROCKED.
Sunday, we decide to laze…. no running, cos I lost an in-sole. Before, I get it replaced I might get another pair cos one pair of running shoes just ain’t cutting it and I have to retire my dear old gym shoes . So to SportLink I go! And I wanna get a cool pair of Nikes for the trip to NZ, Nike high tops in gold & pink would rock my socks!
Went for mass in the evening with my parents and then to Brotzeit (Again) for John’s B’day. Got to play with my niece, which is always nice (cos I hardly get to see her) and she’s kinda cute.
Spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what we want to see in the South Island and it looks like 12 days won’t be enough! Meaning, we can only see half of the island!! I’m think CHC (duh), Queenstown and stop-overs along the way, no Nelson. Oh well.
And that’s it, weekend’s over. Like…uh?
Body Pump :: 1hr


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