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The Usual Update… August 20, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Friday, we managed to do quite a bit during our half day off.
1. Visit the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity. It’s free, it’s small, very interesting and will take like 30/ 40 mins to view.
2. Sort out some stuff out with the hotel
3. Look for shoes… I didn’t get anything. The pair of Asics Tigers I love are too big and they don’t have smaller. Damn my tiny feet!
4. Try our wedding bands. They finally fit so now JeTaime will proceed to make them pretty
5. Eat at NYDC…Satanic, I know. And I wonder why I haven’t lost weight…hmmmm….cheeeesssseeeee!
Saturday, besides meeting Ann & Dez for grub at Changi Village and drinks at Charlies Corner…. oh yes my facial! GRUMBLE! They made me wait 45 minutes and then had the cheek to try and sell me crap. Bloody hell!
Sunday, dragged my lazy ass to the gym for an hour and then got to watch The Bourne Ultimatum on Sunday. LOOOOOVESS IT. Why? It’s smart, fast and kicks ass.
And now it is Monday and I wish I was anywhere but here.
Cycle (warm up) :: 10 mins, L13
Inner and Outer Thighs :: 20 reps x 3sets, 33
Back of Thighs :: 15 reps x 3sets x 15
Side Twisties :: 20 reps x 3sets x 25
Sit ups :: 120
Run :: 2km, 16mins 30 sec. (I have to reduce this to 16 mins by end Aug)
All this in an hour, 15 mins, love it when the gym’s empty!


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