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In need of a Woof. August 28, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I really NEED a dog… not WANT…NEED. I want something to take care of and baby and train and bring on walks and talk to and at that time of the month it won’t grumble when I bury my face in it’s neck and have a sob for no reason what-so-ever, to play tag with, to steal food from, to give a bath too, to hug and kiss. I’ve done all this with the boyfriend and he’s been really nice and sweet about it but the old dude just can’t keep up. He needs to have his time alone with the telly, flipping between sports and nature shows, which annoyes me cos I much prefer surfing between AXN and MTV. I can’t sit still, I like having plans, I hate weekends left idle. The trick to keeping me home and not bouncing off the walls is… you guessed it a DOG! Another love to play with while the other watches big men chase small balls.
So I NEED A DOG. R’s got 7 mths to get me a Border Terrier.  Cos it’s 7mths to MY BIRTHDAY!!


1. Sharkbait - August 28, 2007

Yup…totally agree…a dog completes you really..he/she is there when you wanna cry, they sense these things, they make you laugh, they are there when you most need them….You could adopt a dog thru Action For Singapore Dogs, or SPCA…just an idea

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