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About Stomper September 5, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Spent some time with the lil monster last night and it’s amazing how much has changed from the weekend.
1. She knows her name and comes a running and a skip and a hop when you call her
2. Managed to kinda teach her how to sit 
3. She’s stopped barking when we crate her in our room at bed time…. gotta scold her a lil, but that’s it zzzz
4. I think she’s gotten bigger already
5. Her kennel cough seems to be clearing up
The not so great
1. She’s got a bit of a skin thing going on, so we have to see the vet on Sat anyways and get a cream for it
2. She’s a digger. She keeps digging into the sofa!
3. Anything that dangles, she bites, it’s cute now but might be a problem later
R made this amazing banana treat for her and she totally loves it! The dude hasn’t ever cooked for me. Blah
Interval Cycling Class :: 1hr


1. Josh - September 5, 2007

Hopefully the skin thing is just a temporary one. Lotsa dogs get it and theres not much you can do about it cept cutting down on the chicken, keeping the fur short and not leaving the coat damp after a shower by using a hairdryer.
Its worse for some dogs than others.. like Scruffy for example. 😦

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