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Princess Pout September 11, 2007

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Wasn’t in a good mood yesterday. It’s like when you feel you don’t belong, I don’t really stay at home much anymore and I miss my bed, I miss my kitchen and my loo, but we have Stomper and I have to be a responsible Mom. The nights when I do go back; I want to spend time with my family, chill in my own room and I don’t expect special treatment when I get home…neither do I expect indifference. I hate this, like neither house is home anymore. Just means that I have to get my own lil space sometime REAL soon.
Anyways, happy happy joy joy, I went to try my wedding dress. Sans the ribbon, changed the base colour and I’ll go see it again in two weeks. I’ve also been asked to lose an inch off my waist or use control undies, blah. But I love what I see and I haven’t seen anyone else use anything like it, maybe cos it’s so simple… Thank goodness for Angie or I would have lost my mind telling Kim (the seamstress) that I don’t want a train… I know I’m a princess, I don’t need a train to help me feel like it! ahahaha


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