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Stomper’s Day Out September 14, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Yesterday was nice. R & I took a day off and just chilled.
7.30am – Woke up, fed Stomper
8.00am – Went back to sleep
10.00am- Woke up, had breakfast
11.30am – Head for the Gym
12.00pm – Worked it…well not really, R kept complaining how lazy I was
3.00pm – Lunch, checked out pet shops
4.30pm – Had tea, cos my noodles sucked
6.00pm – Off to ECP with Stomper, she walked a lot, chased runners, nearly rolled down the breakwater
7.30pm – Dinner
10.00pm – Watched Troy and cried when Brad Pitt was killed (can’t help it, when a hottie dies, it makes me sad)
12.45am – zzzzz
I know one really cares much bout what I do on my ‘day off’ but it was a lovely 24 hours. No rushing, just the simple stuff.   
Leg Exercises (full range)
Bi & Triceps
Run :: 2.4km, 18 mins (I would have failed at this rate, blah)
Mat Sit Ups :: 80
Leg Lifts :: 10 x 2sets 
CrossTrainer :: 30 mins, 250 cals burnt
Pix @ ECP


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