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The Jitters September 18, 2007

Posted by Marie in Wedding Wax.
It’s getting closer and closer to The Day and I’d be lying if I said I’m not a tad bit nervous. I was sitting in Tits car and started thinking..in a month I’m gonna right here in this seat, driven to church…and I found it hard to breath. I know R’s the one for me, I’ve never been so sure of anything, sure he sucks at directions and nags at me till I sometimes fall asleep but I’m pretty decent at directions and reading maps (if I’m paying attention) and he’s nags cos he cares and does not seem too upset then I start getting sleepy . It’s yin and yang really. When I’m tired he keeps me going and when he’s tired and grumpy, well… I usually get out of his way and he just needs sleep. Heck, it’s not like I’m all that and a bag of chips but he really likes me for me.
Anyways, I digress, I’m nervous and I think it’s only right that I should be, I aim to do this only once and I really don’t wanna fuck up. If you had asked me during my birthday in 2006, if I was ever going to get married, I’d say… I don’t think so, cos I refuse to settle and I was tired of looking for Mr Right. So much has changed and I still struggle with making decisions as team, just so used to being Miss Independent! Slowly finding a balance.
Wish me luck, I still have so much to do, I just wanna go for my honeymoon at this rate.


1. Claire - September 18, 2007

🙂 u\’re getting jitters now? Wait till the nite before ur wedding… all hell breaks loose I tell you. You\’ll fret when you realise its the LAST NIGHT you\’ll be sleeping at your own home etc… but it will get better, think of the new journey and challenges that lie ahead of you and last but not least ask the man above for guidance 🙂

2. Marie - September 19, 2007

😉 thanks Claire. Can\’t wait to meet Luke. 

3. Vendy - September 19, 2007

It\’s a month to the day!!!
I absolutely feel ya… I\’ll bet you\’ll be see- sawing between happyhappyjoyjoy and sheer panic as the weeks go by.
We\’ll survive and…  I\’m just around the corner, after you get hitched! 😀

4. Vendy - September 19, 2007

… oops… faux pas. A month to the day— tomorrow. 

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