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Rock On September 20, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
My life is a joke and learnt to live with that fact. I’ve been waiting for clubs to have the Non Smoking thing for AGES so that I can dance, drink and not smell like an ashtray. However, I have yet to step into a club since the ban started. Sigh.
It’s also been years since I’ve gone for a showcase. I think the last one I went to was the Sugababes and they were 2hours late and I had to leave half way cos I needed to catch the last train back (kick me, I was poor…still am actually). The last one I helped organise was Craig David and holy crap what was a headache, sound system was all wrong and we had to keep the crowd waiting for hours while getting sloshed with the media and VIPs. I miss those days but I remember showcases being rather blah.
So why am I going to Chris Daughtry’s showcase? Well…1. The dude is hot 2. The dude can sing 3. I like his music 4. R & I really need to get our asses into a club 5. I’ve never been to St James 6. I dread feeling old and blah…. and I feel the "lets just stay home and watch tv" or "sure lets’s have drinks" bug slowly digging it’s way into my soul, ain’t gonna happen man… I still have a good 9 years left to ‘work it’ ahaha!


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