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Miss Me? September 28, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
Was on a First Aid course for 3 days and then took the day after ‘off’ to tend to my flu and boyfriend. 

Bout the birthday dinner… the meatballs were a lil too bouncy for my liking and my cheese cake didn’t set well cos people kept opening the fridge! (I was too sick to make it the day before). In general, the surprise party was a success cos well…he was surprised and I got loads of cuddles and kisses. I am also a certified First Aider but please note I’m not gentle and might just break your jaw if I have to give you CPR.

I’m a lil grumpy at work now but am sooo looking forward to East Coast with Stomper and Chutney on Saturday morning. And a romantic tete a tete with the Lover aka the Boyfriend after.

No time for gym cos I’m a such a sick puppy, I disappoint myself!
1. R’s B’day can you see the pretty strawberry cheese cake and the dark rings my eyes!
2. Baby Pool
3. Stomper’s 3 months!!


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