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Photo heavy! October 1, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
It started out as a fab weekend.
Sat AM – Took Ann and the puppies out for a long ass walk at East Coast which included their first dip in sea


Feeling seriously loved! Chutney on the left, Stomper on the right (of this photo)

Chutney: I got you!  

Stomper: Oh yeah? Say my name! Say it!

Stomper jumps right in! I’m so proud. 

Splish Splash!

Sat PM – Checked into Amara, R was pleased and surprised. The room was everything you’d expect and the pillows…I miss those pillows… we had a great afternoon swim, an evening nap and then headed down to my favourite Pasta Brava.

Seriously happy B’day Boy

Walked around a bit, checked out the sleaze and back to your room to have brie and wine. Yum. Watch Zorro and more sleep.

A bit sad…had to cut the cheese with a teaspoon. heh

Sun AM – Sleeping in, sun and being lazy by the pool

Sun PM – The bad news. My Nanny ain’t doing so well. So my Mom took the earliest flight to Perth. People ask you are you ok, I have no idea what to say… cos no, frankly, I’m not okay. I love my Nan and it sucks that I can’t be there and I really wanted R to meet her and I know there’s never a good time but I wanted her to wait till my b’day cos the aim was to see her then. So the day kinda went south from there.

Sunday Evening – Met Fr Arro to go through the mass booklet and to make sure neither of us is forced into this marriage. I wasn’t looking forward to it, kept dragging my feet. Wanting to curl into a ball and feel sad and just watch Gilmore Girls but it had to be done.

I’m glad we went, it put a smile back on my face and Fr Arro is very cool. I’m pleased that he’ll be marrying us. Growing up, I had quite an imagination, to me, Fr Arro kinda was a priest and Santa rolled into one and thus Christmas made sense to me. Ok, rambling, I’ll stop.

I also realised I’m marrying my soul mate.



1. Vendy - October 1, 2007

sorry to hear about your Nanny- there\’s really nothing anyone can say

2. Marie - October 1, 2007

yeah I know. sucks not really know how to feel… like one minute I\’m happy cos it\’s getting closer to Da Day and excited cos yours is like in 5 days!! and then all of the sudden the sadness hits. gives me a headache.

3. Josh - October 4, 2007

heya.. its good that the pups weren\’t scared of the water. lemme know when\’s a good time for stomper, chutney and scruff to get together ya.

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