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Wen’s Big Day October 9, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
The weekend flew by….
Wendy’s wedding was a success.
AM – The Haggle with the Dudes, I’m afraid to admit was actually fun! Who knew!?! Prepared the nasty juices, mostly bitter gourd based, stinky. Then there were the questions… me and my bright idea to ask for Wen’s bra size…Noel’s answer… "Same size as yours"  Didn’t help that one of the dudes kept looking at my boobs like he’s a boob connoisseur and could tell by just looking. grrrr. There was also waxing of leg hair… it’s a sad day when you know you have more leg fuzz then some of the guys. Blah.
Church – Kinda nervous at this point, had this annoyed look on my face cos I was trying to focus on walking slowly (nothing annoys me more when having to walk s   l  o   w. Big grin at the half way mark cos like in most races you know you’re nearly there! ahaha. It was lovely to see Noel all smiley and Wen looking so pretty. The kissy bit I turn to smile at the girls, looked at Ames red eyes and nearly cried too!! Then brunch! Yum. Such a hot day, I couldn’t wait to get home and catch some zzzz.
PM – Disturbed Wendy, chilled, helped her get dressed, got all green eyed about her new bling (sometimes it really pays to be Chinese), ate, got nervous bout my speech…got a few laughs so that’s good… was told I was too fast but I slowed down from how I normally speak..blah, nerves.
Darn it, it’s my turn!
P/S – Some photos are up, some went missing, think it’s still in the camera.
PP/S – Didn’t enjoy Kumar, waste of moolah.




1. Vendy - October 9, 2007

Just saw some of my pix and it was all teeth.. oh dear.
I loved your speech and I\’ve got it! and will keep it for my scrapbooking project for next year… it got me all warm and fuzzy 🙂
am blessed to have real friends- gushgushgush- I can\’t wait for your wedding! 11 days to go! Wheeeeee…

2. Marie - October 9, 2007

Enjoy your honeymoon. I\’m jealous AGAIN… all the fishies and coral and spas and sun and sand and and and

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