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13th October 19, 2007

Posted by Marie in Wedding Wax.
In less than 24 hours, I’m gonna be a Mrs…. I’m still not ready, I haven’t packed my bags, I haven’t finish writing my speech. Trying to keep the stress levels down… The only thing I’m proud of is sticking with the noon mass cos seriously I hate waking up before 7.30 am!

Let’s see the groom has a headache and is very tired and grumpy. My slideshow crashed so Ann has to work OT. I hate pale peach roses and the helpers are gonna be wearing them… I can only thank god that I got my way and got my blooms from Olive 3 (thanks Mommy)!! The parents are tired but they’ve been super easy going and I’m grateful that they’re paying for the flowers and reception. I’ve collected my gowns and I’m content. I’m not bloated or PMSing neither have I gone spotty but I haven’t exercised ALL week, shame. Can’t think of anything else…. I must go shower, pack my bags and then sit still, finish my speech and watch Shark. Must sleep by 1am!

See most of y’all soon! x



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