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I’m Baaaccck November 6, 2007

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I’m back! Woot. Seriously, it was nice to take such a long break. I feel a renewed sense of … I dunno… I guess, I’m feeling more ‘on the ball’ about work for some reason. It’s like, I needed so badly to get away and I did and for a long enough time and now it’s nice to be busy again.
Now my dear stalkers….
1. Wedding pictures, I’m meeting my photographer on Thursday so you have to wait quite a while more but I promised that by the end of the month the ‘offical’ pictures will be up. Most have seen the pictures posted on facebook anyways.
2. NZ pictures, cos I’m busy at work and I don’t have time to resize and label my pictures… I’ll leave you with my famous footie shots. I’ll upload the rest on shutterfly or something by the end of the week.
Finally, the husband and myself can breathe and have actual moolah to spend… I have a list of wants
1. The most important…. a new bed!! We’re fussy and we’re still looking.
2. My own SLR (cos even though the Daddy said he’d give me the camera he’ll still need to use it and I have to share it with the brother so… I want my own)
3. The new ipod nano in red or black.
4. A new watch. Not an Omega yet, cos well… I’m still poor but I haven’t bought a new watch in 2/3 years!!
5. A trip to Italy before we even think of having mini MEs


1. Sharkbait - November 7, 2007

Welcome back!!! 

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