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The Lazy Ass Weekend November 26, 2007

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
I’ve never really chilled liked this before ..
Thusday – Work, met Wen, had dinner at Eastpoint, got our nails done
Friday – Slept and slept, took Stomper for a hot walk at 11am, R picked me up, went to orchard (he went to the gym), got my hair cut… bit too short but I finally have no more split ends! Went to Strip where I heard a dude getting a brazilian!! Gag! Shopped, bought R his Christmas shirt, got annoyed with lazy salespeople, went to a french resturant at Boat Quay… can’t recall the name but it was a miss, we won’t be going back EVER.
Saturday – Woke up, brought the beast aka Stomper to East Coast, she swam, we ran, my thighs still hurt, lunch, all had a long afternoon snooze, mass, dinner and free labour at Tito & Angie’s place, christmas deco done.
Sunday – Watched too much TV, Mei Hui & Adrian came over to play with the ‘beast’, sun was too hot so we skipped gym (I know, how are they linked??), rained so we slept, went home to have dinner with my bro, Dad and Stomper….
Caught up on all my sleep. Woot.


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