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Gym December 11, 2007

Posted by Marie in Health and wellness.
It’s been hard to get back into the gym thing, there so many better things to do these days…
1. Shop
2. Sleep
3. Sex
4. TV
6. Work
But the "nu gym nazi" bullied me into go to the gym last night, we hit the gym at like 8.20pm!! I was tired, a bit hungry and grumpy but I did my cardio and my abs and my back exercises. He commented that I was like this annoying gym mosquito, do a lil something, come back and annoy him, go do another exercise and I’m back to annoy him again. Sigh… I have to get my kicks some how…and there’s nothing nicer than watching the husband’s muscles at work *gag, snigger*
Crosstrainer :: 20 mins, 160 cals, L5
Ab Twisty Thingy :: 25 x 15 per side x 3sets
Lat pull down :: didnt focus, cos it burned!!
Last Friday
Cycle :: 17mins, 10 km, L8
Tried to run but got a leg cramp
Ab Twisty Thingy :: 25 x 15 per side x 3 sets
Sit-ups :: 25 x 4 sets
Biceps :: 10 kg each arm x 15 x 3sets
Tricep Kick backs :: 6 kg x 12 x 3sets
Soon, I need to get serious about training for the sprint, the good thing is that Wen’s even closer and the poly gym is heated, bliss. But I have no idea how I’m gonna ‘run’ 5km.


1. Vendy - December 11, 2007

"Wen\’s even closer"
Wen will watch and snack as you be \’hardworking\’ gym bunny *sniggersnigger*

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