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Welfare + Britney December 14, 2007

Posted by Marie in Blah.
I’m in charge of "welfare" for the whole department and today I’ve planed a high tea with a few games and stuff. Yawn, I know. When I was "given" (meaning: forced, left with no choice) I wasn’t jumping for joy but I wanted to make a difference, do something for the needy instead of stuff our faces YET AGAIN… but it’s just so hard, it was such a task to get people who generally aren’t interested in anything but themselves to work together to do something good for eg. kids with cancer. So I have to do the same old thing with a twist, sian. What makes people so selfish?
Anyways, I need to get nice wrapping paper and and have a brief look around for some presents before indulging in some Sheesha goodness with some of the girls. Oh and it’s Wen’s & Stef’s DnD today too, Wen’s Drew and Stef’s Brit. I still Britney! And yes, I like her new song.


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