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The Weekend Before Christmas December 24, 2007

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
It’s a day before Christmas and I’ve worked every Christmas Eve cept’
for when the office is closed or when I was working from home. Let me
tell you it SUCKS. Like I have better things to do CAN?!! So lian uh?

mother will be off to Australia on the 26/27 Dec (if she can get tickets), my Nanny is
getting bad again…. I fear she’ll pass away on Christmas Day but
sigh… I dunno… I know she’s old, we knew this was coming, it makes me cry when
I think about it so I gave my mom two choices:
a. Enjoy the
holiday with family and friends and I’ll help as much as I can to ease
things for her and she’ll fly out on the 26 or 27
b. fuck the holidays, mope and get a ticket out asap

She picked A. I hope she’s strong enough.

Anyways, it’s been a weird ass weekend…

– Mariana popped. Her baby is such a cutie and with such nice hair.
Freaked R out by sending the baby’s picture and texting… SO CUTE!
I WANT ONE TOO and NOW. ahahaha. Fought the crowd in town and made it
back in one piece. Was supposed to get my nails done at Hair Secret but
was appalled by the condition (how the hell does Sye recommend doing
nails there! nasty!) Skipped out and managed to get a pedi at Posh
Nail, nice.

Sat – Stomper got a haircut, 2 hours of me telling her to be good and holding her down…. not much fun.
Went home, helped the mother. Watched The Warlords,
it’s been years since I’ve watched a Chinese movie in the cinema. There
was a couple behind me giving a running commentary…WTF!! The show is
in Mandarin, there are both Mandarin and English subtitles why is there
ANY need to explain ANYTHING!! WHY? WHY? WHY? I need to moan the death
of Andy Lau in peace! Damn it. Yeah, I love Andy Lau, have since I was
Dinner at Burger King *gag* and then Me and R had a huge
blowout in the car about the silliest things… exercise, food, health,
habits, work and weight. It seems so stupid now but it’s been building
and finally it all came out. Left me soo exhausted.

Sun – was
Puke On Marie Sunday. Seriously, Stomper puked on me like 4 times and
outside the car twice. I can’t believe all the parks at the Marina area
are closed and then it rained by the time we got to East Coast and
cleaned the puke, long and gross story. We did manage to get her to a
park and she had a good time chasing butterflies and birds. Veg Out!
Finally got into the Christmas mood after Shrek’s Christmas Special.

Today – I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve!! Tmr, Stomper
and Chutney turn 6 months! I hate that I have to be at work today! Blah!



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