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NYE and Bye Nanny January 2, 2008

Posted by Marie in Numb.

For the first time in a long time, I had a quiet NYE… and it was a good thing too, I rang my Mom in Perth at around 8ish, no idea why but I didn’t wanna wait for midnight, 5 mins later, she rang back and told me my Nanny passed away while we were on the phone. It hasn’t been easy, I’m not there and I know she’s been ill and she’s over 90 but it’s the strangest thing… I get flashes of memories; the things she liked to wear, how I loved looking at her stuff, the way she snored (it’d keep me awake at night but every time she stopped, I’d check if she was still alive… between the ages of 9 – 11), Christmas time with her and my mom making tarts and sugee cake, how her wedding ring used to clink when she washed the dishes, her patchwork blanket I used to take over when she spent nights at my cousin’s place, her plants and flowers, the way she’d call my name, the mole she had on her forehead which fell off when she kept rubbing aloe on it… (freaked me out), R flirting with her on the phone (they’ve never met), how she’d never push or nag…she’d just listen. I hate that I’m gonna miss our very short phone calls, that I’ll never hear her voice again. Everyone loved her, I loved her and I’m gonna miss her so much.

Me in my Nan’s arms
Spent the 1 Jan just lying in bed and watching 24. Damn, the show is addictive but it helps get my mind off things… I wanna go home now and watch the rest of it. Hmph.


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