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Catching my Breath January 3, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
We need to get away quick, so to Bali we go. We’ve been thinking bout Bali for a long time. I love it, sun sand, sea, surf, good food, cool buys. Part of me really wants to visit Vietnam but R needs a chillout break and I need to show him a more exciting side of Bali. I mean seriously how dare people hole themselves in their resorts when there so much to see and do all over the island!! Tsk Tsk.
– white water raft
– get a deep dark tan (no burn)
– get stuff for our future house (which I will store in my old room)
1. stone something
2. carpet
3. painting
4. table wear
– eat that roasted piggie Anthony Bourdain raved about
– dance
– try surfing again
– visit the waterfalls
– play on the black sand beach
– get massages
– borrow Wen’s surf top, I don’t need a bloodied tummy again
Must NOT
– over do the sleeping
– get my hair braided (once is enough)
– buy the sarongs they sell on the beach, ew!
7 days of bliss coming soon but NOT soon enough!!
Now… let me work bak kua into my diet plan…. hmmm


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