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Feeling Weak January 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Gripes.
Got a spanking new pair of trainers, the Nike Bowerman Series in Pink! Finally a shoe that’s not blue! The real reason I had to get a new pair of shoes is that the Asics took the pain out of my knee while running but my soles hurt like a bitch. Which means that I’m mildly flat footed so this shoe should help ease both my knee and my sole. Let’s hope this works.
I haven’t been a good girl, gym wise…. I manage to get 2 workouts in but Friday’s was a joke, I haven’t felt so weak in ages, I think it’s because it was ‘that time of the month’ … I really hope so, cos I ran 1km and my legs refused to move! But I did try and push myself.
While I was rushing to the bus stop today it hit me… I wanna do the Sprint this year and I can’t run a kilometer without dying and I have to run 5! Madness! I have to start training NOW and I need to move my bike to Simei but we dont have space. Wail!
Crosstrainer :: 35 mins, L4, 250 cals
Abs :: Twisty thing, 20 per side x 3
can’t remember what else
Run :: 1.2km, 12 mins
Arms :: Standing Bar Bell Bicep Curls, 25 pounds x 12reps x 3sets
            Tricep Push Down, 10 pounds x 15 reps x3
In and Outta thighs :: 33 Pounds x 30 x 3 each
Twisty Abs thingy :: 15 per side x 3


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