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Holidays and Presents January 31, 2008

Posted by Marie in Happy Happy Joy Joy.
Ok, it’s my birthday’s in two months and I asked R to just pay for the Bali trip but he refused cos he knows he’ll have to get me another something in the end. Yes, the husband is learning. So I’ve decided against another lens until I figure out the manuel functions on the D40x… so that’s gonna be a long time coming. I’m paying for the 2 semi cheapo resorts I insist on staying at… well a cheap dig in Kuta (I mean you’re gonna be on the beach, shopping, eating or drinking so why bother) a decent room in Ubud and R is gonna splash on the flash in Seminyak! And he’s taking care of the flights too. I need to shop and I’ll treat him to loads of massages.
Woot! 7 Days!
So some pictures, only the room at Seminyak is confirmed, R is still trying to change my mind. I just don’t believe in spend more than SGD 100 a night. (remember my room in London…shudder)
Kuta, looks nice but I read that the rooms are really basic… as long as they’re clean, I’m all good. SGD55
Ubud… depends what hut you get SGD76
Seminyak  USD 127 (not too bad)
Now what do I want for my Birthday then….
Carly Black Leather. I love it, it’s not too heavy, it’s classic and it’s a bit rock and roll.
LOVE this and I need a wallet
This is cute too and a better size
but this would be the most sensible… decisions decisions.


1. Mei Hui - January 31, 2008

I hate you… heh
I just wish I was going.

2. Marie - January 31, 2008

Do  the crying thing to Adrian, he might agree?

3. Sharkbait - February 4, 2008

Hey hey….well all the pics look damn good!  I should have read your mail a couple of days before…when I was in Gilroy…Coach was having a sale there…aiyoooo!!!!  Anyhowz…got your Sephora thingy for ya…I got ya a Sephora card too…just in case.  Something about spending US$100 next time and you get free gifts and if you are there during your birthday month, you get a free gift too. 

4. Marie - February 4, 2008

Yay! Thanks a mil! And I doubt I\’ll be heading for the States any time soon. Wail! Welcome back!

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