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Holidays February 11, 2008

Posted by Marie in Travel.
I hate learning (again) that the world doesn’t revolve around me. Sigh. Sob. I guess in hind sight it also means I don’t have to care as much. Yay?
Anyways, Bali has been pushed back a few days, yes, I sulked a little cos who wants to spend her birthday on a budget plane? And when we get back to Singapore after midnight, I have to be at work at 8am as usual. So once you minus the time it takes for me to get  – 1 bottle of whisky and vodka. Remove myself from the airport (usually I stare for at least 10 minutes at the big board and decide where I wanna go next and oh hey, I have everything I need… let’s go to Vegas!!! PLLLEEEAAAZZZEEE!!). Get home and get mauled by the puppy for a good 15 minutes at least, listen to how naughty she’s been etc….. Unpack and shower. Stop talking about how hot/noisy/ humid Singapore is… it’ll be like 3am. I’d have 4 hours of sleep!! I don’t function well till I have 6…. oh well.
Now, I need to figure out when we want to do what while we’re there .
Then start looking for dive schools for R and Ann in Aug, maybe BKK in Sep/ Oct and I hope Vietnam sometime soon. Woot but it  sucks to be so stuck in Asia. Blah.


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