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Dance With Me One More Time February 12, 2008

Posted by Marie in Numb.
I’m sooo tireed it’s not normal.
Today, I’ll finally be able to attend a mass for my Nan, managed to get an hour off work. My Mom was telling me about a dream she had, my Nan was in her 60s (she was still hot then) and dancing and laughing and looking beautiful and then my Mom asked ‘is that you?’ and she smiled….sounds like something she’d do. 2 weeks ago a huge pretty moth flew into R’s place, I was like..don’t hurt it, don’t hurt it…. I dunno, every time someone close dies a moth appears shortly, maybe it’s just me being silly.
Anyways, it made me think about death and how I’d want to go…..
1. Quickly
2. No wake, a nice mass where everyone wears something pink
3. White roses only and if possible a black coffin (it’s slimming okay… and a lil goth)
4. Ashes scattered in the sea
5. It has to end with a drinking session where everyone talks about me ahaha… you know how cool I was, how bitchy, grumpy, annoying, funny etc. Drink many shots for me, get a lil hung over and just carry on living life to the fullest.
There you go, my living will. Someone better remember this.


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