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Valentine’s Day February 14, 2008

Posted by Marie in Chill.
I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day.
Glad to get that off my chest. Yes, it’s very funny that we were featured on Today a few weekends ago about Valentine’s Day when we’re not doing anything…we’ll be going for Body Pump cos I’ve gotten the husband a few treats and told him it’s cos of Valentine’s… Pop Tarts and some fancy dessert (fat fat fat) and since I’ve been busy and haven’t hit the gym all week, we have to skip the Sting Ray and SWEAT. Yes, how romantic.
Anyways, why do I NOT like Valentine’s? Well, first up it’s totally overpriced. I’ve received roses, huge, wine coloured ones and it hurt when I found out it cost 250 bucks… like HELLO… you could have taken me shopping for that amount…. silly exes. I’ve gone out with another dude on Valentine’s instead of my then boyfriend cos …well I was 15 and I didn’t really care or notice it was the 14 Feb. I’ve sat at home wallowing in self pity about being single and forced to watch saccharine movies about love and happily ever after (NO SUCH THING OK!) and have singlehood rubbed in my face. I’ve been let down too many times on Valentine’s Day to appreciate it.
What me and R do, is, we celebrate the 20th of each and every month (I’ve haven’t a clue how long this is gonna last but we’ve been good about it). 20th Oct is when we decided we want to be together, 20th Oct is when we got married. So we kinda celebrate the 20th of each month and if it falls on a crappy day we go out on the closest weekend instead. Nice fancy treats or just something special and we take turns planning but usually it involves food *heh heh heh*.
We had steak the last time at Les Bouchous at Ann Siang Hill. It was good, but the place is tiny and the service could do with a kick.
A photo I took when we took a walk around Ann Siang Hill
To all my friend, please know that you’re loved *HUGS*


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